I often write about some of the wonderful artists I’ve come across in my travels through the internets. One of those artists, who’s work I first saw on DRAWINGBOARD.ORG (see last post for a link) is Dean Trippe. Dean has a wonderfully open and inviting style and it connected with me immediately. His level of craft and ability is incredibly impressive… and there’s an authority to his simple line work that’s really striking. Dean does a very delightful strip on his site called BUTTERFLY . It involves the adventures of the young sidekick OF a sidekick. It’s a sweet and funny take on the superhero genre. Recently, Dean started a contest calling for entries for alternate universe versions of young BUTTERFLY. He’s going to be doing a story arc that involves several of these various alternate versions making their way into BUTTERFLY’S world. Being a fan of Deans, as well as a HUGE fan of the strip– I thought I’d take a shot at coming up with something to submit to him. I’m not sure how successful it is— but it was fun to do, and I think she turned out to at least be pretty cute.

Go check out Deans site– and read the archives of his BUTTERLY strip. It’s really wonderful, and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it as I have.

This is Entry 222.


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