Today’s post was a warm up sketch that doubles as a contribution to yet another jam thread over on DRAWINGBOARD.ORG– this time devoted to THE ROCKETEER. Cliff Secord– THE ROCKETEER– was one of those characters that was, to my mind, a very special part of the creativity and energy of the mid-80’s comics scene. I remember when his adventures began as backups in, I believe, Mike Grell’s STARSLAYER comic published by Pacific Comics. I, along with so many other fans, immediately took to the pulp-inspired character, as well as Dave Stevens’ amazingly gorgeous artwork (and his sexy depictions of Bettie Page, the 50’s pinup girl). Later, the character got his own book with THE ROCKETEER ADVENTURE MAGAZINE first from Comico and then later with Dark Horse. The publication was always sporadic for THE ROCKETEER’S adventures– but like a highly polished gem, or an incredible gourmet meal, it was always well worth the wait. I’ve always been disappointed that there weren’t more adventures of Cliff and his girlfriend Bettie published– but as Euan over at the jam pointed out, perhaps it’s better that the character be left as something that’s a special memory of something brief but wonderful rather than something that was run into the ground and ultimately diminished.

I guess that’s a good point.

This is Entry 221.


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