Often times, the reason that many fans cite for not giving new books a try is that they’re afraid that a self-published/small press book will either be constantly late, or that they will invest their money and interest in a book, and then that book will disappear after only a few issues, leaving the fan feeling completely unfulfilled and betrayed. And yet, there are books out there that have been published regularly for long periods of time by dedicated creators that STILL don’t get the shot they deserve from fans who might be looking to try something other than comics form Marvel and DC.

NOBLE CAUSES is one of these books. Jay Faerber, against all odds, has kept putting NC out for the last several years, in one form or another. And despite that perseverance on a book with lots to offer a potential reader, NOBLE CAUSES continues to struggle for sales and attention. As the tag line on the cover says, it’s ‘SEX, SECRETS AND SUPER POWERS’ inside the covers of this comic. It’s not a book for young kids, that’s for sure. But it’s a wonderful story about the NOBLE family– a family of super powered people, who are likened to the Kennedy family with a similar mix of tragedy and scandal– only they’re superheroes instead of politicians. There’s lots of intrigue and great character development in every issue. It’s the kind of fast-moving, soap-operatic, high action book that can hold its own with the best that the long-underwear set has to offer. You can tell that Jay loves these characters even as he puts them through hell. And the artwork for the majority of the most recent monthly incarnation has been wonderfully created by Fran Bueno. I’d never seen his work before NOBLE CAUSES, but it connected with me immediately. Unfortunately, Fran is leaving the book… but Jay has found another great artist to fill his shoes, so the book will continue to look terrific.

Look– if you’re looking for something fun and interesting to read, and you’re a superhero fan, you just can’t go wrong with NOBLE CAUSES. I highly recommend it, and I’m constantly amazed (and disappointed) that it doesn’t get the sales and recognition it deserves. Check it out, folks….!

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