The quick and the ELVEN…


I don’t have much time today… so I thought I’d just leave you with a sketch I did of an elf warrior. Most folks who know me know what a fantasy nut I am… and yet, beyond the HAWKE character from TELLOS, I haven’t done that many sketches/drawings/illustrations of a ‘traditional’ elven character. The way that J.R.R. Tolkien breathed life into his elves and their culture in his LORD OF THE RINGS books has resonated with so many generations and made a permanent imprint on our popular culture to be sure (DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, anyone…?). I think that fantasy and the various enigmatic races and cultures and ideas that flow from that genre represents a wonderful opportunity for the imagination to escape from the dregs of reality. In a time when there’s war, religious and cultural strife…. is it any wonder that THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, the HARRY POTTER books and movies, THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA and so much imaginative animation– both traditional and 3-D– are so popular…? I suspect that our societal woes these days are reminiscent of those that happened in the 70’s, which was another time when fantasy in popular entertainment was King.

This is Entry 209.


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