Someone had asked several times in the comments section about me doing a SPIDER-WOMAN sketch… and since I wrote about my desire to work on some female characters in my last post, I thought I’d carry that over into today’s sketch and draw Jessica Drew in costume. I was always a big fan of SPIDER-WOMAN. I have the entire run of her title from the late 70’s. My favorite period during that run was when Steve Leialoha drew her for a time toward the end of the title. His work is always wonderul… and the odd quirky aspects of the character and stories she was involved with seemed the perfect fit for Steve. It’s truly beautiful work…. and if you’re a fan of the character as well, you should seek out those back issues. But I even loved the odd work that Carmine Infantino was doing when he began the title. By that time, his art had become somewhat… bizarre, I guess you could say– but that made it very appealing to me in a strange way. It took some getting used to, at any rate.

The death of artist Seth Fisher is being widely reported today on the many comics news web sites. Fisher’s work was a sheer delight– a real visual feast. His ability to pack massive amounts of detail with clear, open and concise line work combined with an amazing drawing ability and design sense made him a real diamond in the comics art field. It’s always a shocking thing when someone young like Fisher dies. I’m reminded of Edvin Bucovic’s death from a brain tumor several years back. He, too, was a phenomenal talent just coming into the height of his artistic powers. We’ll never have the delight of seeing the work that Edvin– and now Seth– could have produced had they lived a long life– but we’ll always have the beautiful works they left behind to remember them by. The comics world is definitely the poorer for their passing. You can see more of Seth Fisher’s amazing art on his web site.

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