There’s no agenda or reason for the SUPERGIRL sketch today. I just drew whatever came to mind… and Kara flying with Krypto by her side is what popped into my head. I’ve long wanted to work on a book that had a female protagonist as its lead character. Other than the ROGUE miniseries I drew many years back, practically every title I’ve ever worked on has been with a male lead. Sure, Sue Richards counts as one quarter of the FANTASTIC FOUR… but by being that 1/4 of the team, it’s not really the same thing. There are so many great female characters out there… SUPERGIRL, MARY MARVEL, SPIDER-WOMAN, MS. MARVEL (or WARBIRD… I don’t know what her name is right at the moment), WONDER WOMAN, BLACK CAT… the list goes on. It would be a nice change of pace from drawing the muscle-boys all the time to work on a book starring a female lead.

OK…. that’s all today.

This is Entry 191.


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