The WONDER of the internet


I had seen this thread recently on SKETCHBOOKSESSIONS.COM about a fantastic looking Italian comic series called WONDERCITY. I was instantly in love with the drawing and coloring of this comic. And that highlights one of my favorite things about the internet– that it allows me to see amazing work like that of WONDERCITY from countries so far away; work I’d probably never get the chance to see without the World Wide Web that brings people from all over the globe together under one virtual roof. And as it turns out, a friend in an email group I’m a part of was working on a pin up for the WONDERCITY guys. He was talking about how they’d sent him copies of the comics they’d had published…. and I started salivating. So I asked him for an email address I could contact them to try to get some of that action myself. I emailed Emauele, the colorist, and asked about the possibility of doing a pin up in exchange for some of their work. It turns out they all knew my work– and so the deal was set.

I’ve included a smaller version of the black and white pin up art along with the STUNNING colors that Emanuele (or ‘Manu’ as he’s known) did so you could see how brilliantly he brought the relatively flat and open line art to life with his color magic. When you click on the link to the WONDERCITY pages above, you’ll see why the colors that Manu does excited me so very much, and why I had to see them on some of my own drawing. THAT is the wonder of the internet that makes drawing comics so much damned fun. Meeting such friendly and immensely talented folks like Manu online reminds me of what it was like to meet others who loved to draw comics when I was much younger…. during that time when anything and everything seemed possible and attainable with comics. I got to relive a little of that feeling of wonder– thanks to WONDERCITY.

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