I’m leaving today for the first ‘leg’ of my trip to Maryland for this weekend’s BALTIMORE COMICON. I’m going to drive to Richmond and spend the night with my brother, Matt, and his lovely wife Suzanne (and I can’t forget the life of the party– they’re gorgeous cat Toonces….!). Then, first thing tomorrow, I jump on a train for a nice, leisurely ride up to Baltimore. It’s the same way I traveled to the show last year, and I really enjoyed the trip. I spent the extra money (not that much more, really) for a Business Class ticket– and the difference in leg room and comfort is well worth the price. It’s about a 3 and a half hour trip– and that’ll give me time to read, nap, or work on SPIDER-MAN layouts if I choose to do so. I really enjoyed the show last year (the first time I had been able to make it)– Marc Nathan is a great host, and he puts on a wonderful show with a friendly, family atmosphere that reminds me very much of Shelton Drum’s HEROES CON. BALTIMORE COMICON’S guest list is very impressive, and it’s going to be great to see some favorites of mine– as well as seeing some great friends (and creative cohorts) that I usually only get to see at shows like these.

I’ll give you a report on how things went when I get back. Have a great weekend– and maybe I’ll see some of you at the show– I’ll see the rest of you back here on Tuesday.

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