Just for fun

Actually, every sketch I’ve ever posted here has been for fun, really. I’ll let you in on a little secret: a lot of the every day nature of drawing comics for a living can tend to get tedious at times. (OK… maybe it’s not so much a secret. I’ve cried on your ‘virtual shoulders’ more than once about frustrations with the freelance life….). There might be certain scenes that aren’t very much fun to draw. Perhaps they’re a little mundane. Perhaps they don’t seem to make much sense. Some days I just get tired of drawing other people’s scripts and story ideas. So this sketch blog has been a wonderful release for those frustrations when they build up to the boiling point. At times, it’s been cathartic– like a form of therapy. And today’s offering is something that was exceptionally fun to do. I just sort of turned my brain off and let my hand go. Usually, I try to go into a sketch with at least some vague sense of what I want to put down on the paper. This time, I let my mind wander and just went with whatever strange thought flickered over my brain. And then I had some more fun by laying a few simple colors on the line work. I get a real kick out of the end result.


See you next time…..

This is Entry 128.


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