Old Man Winter

A little less than two weeks ago, we had several days in a row of temperatures in the low 70’s. The fact that it was almost mid January made me think that we were going to have an incredibly mild winter, temp-wise, and I was looking forward to one of those winters that I had experienced when I first moved down here to North Carolina 12 years ago (that is to say, non existent for the most part). Starting last Wednesday, that all changed. We started to get snow and freezing rain, and the temperatures at night have been dropping into the low teens. It’s still not nearly as bad as what most of the Northeast and Midwest are dealing with– not by a long shot. I really feel for those folks being absolutely buried in snow and ice with the amazing low temperatures they have to put up with.

I just can’t help but to cast my mind fondly back to those first few years I spent here when I went more days during the winter in shirt sleeves than in a jacket. I’m spoiled, I guess. Not as spoiled as I’m sure a former studio mate of mine who shall remain nameless (*coughcoughchuckwojtkiewisczcoughcough*) probably is by now, living out in sunny Los Angeles– but still– it sure was nice. Maybe the worm will turn back soon.

In the comments section of a post I made a while back with some European characters I had drawn for a thread over at SKETCHBOOKSESSIONS.COM, Augie De Blieck, Jr. mentioned BLACKSAD as being one of his favorite translated European comics lately– and it just so happens I had done a sketch of him as well. So, here’s that sketch too, to sort of flesh out today’s post.

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