HULK story addendum

I found today’s sketches hiding in a binder full of developmental sketches for various projects– some that happened, some that didn’t. You’ll recall from my last post my story about Todd Dezago and myself almost taking over as creative team on THE HULK ongoing book when Peter David was removed as regular writer several years back. Well, the sketches I found today are some studies/warm-ups for that very run that never happened. Keep that in mind when looking at them… ;). They’re just feeling-out kind of sketches and my final version would have looked a bit different. But I was, I think, much more willing to take chances with my anatomy and exaggerations/distortions of expression and figure work. I’ve become a lot more “conservative” in my work in the years since this time, it seems to me.

I hope you all have a great LABOR DAY. I’ll be spending mine… well, laboring.


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