Following a suggestion…

Today’s sketch post is a page of various sketches for a morning warm up that are of a more cartoony nature. My work is naturally cartoony– but I usually have to struggle day-to-day to pull in the reins on that natural tendency. Or maybe to put it another way– I have to push hard to add as much “realism” into my work on a daily basis to try to keep my work as “mainstream” as I can for working on superhero comics for the majors. But my natural, fall-back tendency is toward really cartoony work. This is just an example of that.

And a couple of folks suggested in yesterday’s comments section that they might like to see some of my drawings from when I was a kid. So– I thought it would be a kick to do that occasionally. Thanks to Brian and JPK for the suggestion. I was (and still am, really) a HUGE Jim Starlin fan when I was a kid– and his work on WARLOCK in particular. His cosmic comics really blew my mind, and he was a big influence on my passions in the realms of comics and writing. So– here’s my “homage” to Jim Starlin from probably around the time I was 14 or so.

See you tomorrow.


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