OK– today I’ve got several sketches to show you. The first couple are of the new character SALAMANDRA that was introduced in the FRIGHTFUL FOUR story arc that just finished. Karl described her as an arrogant, vain and dangerous woman– so I thought giving her a flamboyant overcoat with a fur collar would make a nice touch. Karl opted not to include that. So the second sketch is a pared down version of my first attempt– but with the addition of some sharp “Spock” or elven ears at Karl’s suggestion. Since SALAMANDRA is a shape changing dragon, he thought it might add something exotic and indicative of that ability. After seeing it, he immediately changed his mind… (heh). So I’ve got those two sketches, as well as a sketch of SAL in her dragon form…..

The last sketch is a splash page layout/sketch from FF #68– early in the “UNTHINKABLE” story line. Mark (Waid) was asking for an establishing splash of MEDUSA and CRYSTAL standing with FRANKLIN and VAL on the balcony of their palace in the INHUMANS city on the moon. This original sketch was “shot” pretty close in– and I had done another (which ended up as the actual page in the book), but I was unsure of which to use. I really liked the figures and expressions in this shot, but it didn’t leave much room to show the wonders of ATTILAN. I asked Mark his opinion, and he told me to go with the one that was ultimately published. I’ll do this from time to time because Mark’s got a great sense of what LOOKS GOOD in a comic, as well as what READS WELL. As usual, he made the right call.

That’s it for today.


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