Now that the COMICON INTERNATIONAL in San Diego is in full swing, I thought it would be alright to post today’s sketch without stepping on the toes of the character’s owner. This is GRETA, an evil female Nazi antagonist from Bill Presing’s wonderful comic book REX STEELE: NAZI SMASHER.

I first saw REX STEELE and cast in a wonderful digest sized anthology called MONKEYSUIT. It immediately captured my imagination and blew me away with Bill’s fantastic style of drawing. He’s got a really unique way of drawing that sort of blends hints of manga with 1950’s inspired illustration. Heck, I’m not doing it justice in the description, but when you see some of his work, you’ll know what I’m attempting to get at. On the MONKEYSUIT.COM site, you’ll also be able to order a copy of a DVD of the brand-spanking new REX STEELE: NAZI SMASHER animated movie! By clicking on THIS link, you can get a glimpse at the trailer, some stills and ordering information as well. It’s absolutely amazing how well they managed to capture Bill’s style.

You can also go here to see some examples of Bill’s drawings. There’s not a lot– but the ones that are there are mighty sweet…!

Bill’s put together a collection of all the REX STEELE short stories that originally appeared in the first three MONKEYSUIT anthologies as well as some new material — and a bunch of pinups and sketches by some of his artist buddies that he’s selling at the COMICON INTERNATIONAL. The sketch I’m posting today is included in the collection. I’m thrilled to be even a teeny part of Bill’s wonderful book– and I can’t wait to get my hands on it and that DVD!!!

OK– that’s it for now.


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