Kitty Kitty

I’m posting a couple of sketches today. The first is a BLACK CAT sketch (I’ve got a two-day BC theme going, it seems…) I originally did to auction off on eBay. Then I was contacted by A.C.T.O.R. about doing something for one of their auctions to raise money for retired comic book folks (or ones in need/out of work and in dire straits)– and I thought it would make a nice piece to do a finished/inked version for their auction. Unfortunately, I didn’t make a nice scan of the finished/inked piece, but I DID make a scan of the original sketch. So, here’s the BLACK CAT pencil sketch to start with:

The second sketch is something I did for a thread over on the THE DRAWING BOARD that was a “fan art” thread dedicated to the wonderful Enrico Casarosa’s character MIA. Enrico’s work has a wonderful Hayao Miyazaki and Mobius crossed influence to it. And his MIA comics are incredibly well drawn, designed and are charming as hell. In fact, there a terrific interview with him over at NEWSARAMA. It’s got artwork from his MIA books, as well as links to his website, and to MONKEYSUIT.COM, who published some MIA shorts originally, and a link to a new web comic he’s doing called HAIKU 5-7-5. You’ve got to check out this phenomenal talent’s wares. You’ll be happy you did.

There’s also a great interview with NICK BRADSHAW at NEWSARAMA about his work in the ARMY OF DARKNESS comic book being published by– I think– DYNAMIC FORCES… the article isn’t specific. But it’s got a bunch of art from the book in the article, and it’s mindblowingly awesome. Nick is a HUGE EVIL DEAD fan, and it shows in ever page. I also first saw Nick’s work, like Enrico’s, on the DRAWING BOARD run by Shane Glines (I TOLD you it was populated by some incredible artists, didn’t I…?)– and I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to have some Bradshaw goodness to hold in my sweaty little hands.

In another demonstration of the wonders of modern technology, Parker over at MYSTIFYING ORACLE promises to upload audio files of stuff happening at the COMICON INTERNATIONAL in San Diego this weekend. He missed his flight last night, but he’s heading out on another this morning. I’m looking forward to hearing the madness he’ll be giving us a little glimpse into at the show.

OK– another day down.

More tomorrow.


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