I guess you could call this BLACK CAT WEEK….

I’ve got a couple of pieces for you today. The first one is yet another BLACK CAT sketch. It’s something I started to perhaps sell on eBay, but lost interest in finishing the background (I THINK that’s why I never finished it…) and put it aside. I have always liked the BLACK CAT character for some reason. She’s incredibly visually striking with her cool, sleek black costume and her flowing white hair. And it’s a ton of fun to draw beautiful women. I’d love to work on a BLACK CAT series for Marvel, and even spoke to my editor about the possibility, but I couldn’t think of a driving overall theme to make the series go. She’s a great supporting character, but as a lead in her own series…? I’m sure someone could make it work. Anyway, here’s the piece….

The second sketch is of the two main characters from a wonderful comic called DAVID AND GOLIATH by Jay Ju (writer) and Leonel Castellini (artist). Leonel’s art is absolutely beautiful– it’s reminiscent of a Disney movie in its style, and the story is wonderfully done… set during the lead up to WW II (so it’s got some dastardly Nazi villains). You can see a preview of the great first issue over at the IMAGE COMICS site, even though there’s already been three issues published. See for yourself how beautiful it is.

As promised, Jeff Parker over at MYSTIFYING ORACLE has begun audio blogging from COMICON INTERNATIONAL in San Diego. I like the one from the restaurant after the show one night– you can actually hear someone in the background asking “Are you AUDIO BLOGGING….??!??”. I really DO love modern technology…!

See you tomorrow, folks.


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