Lip Service

Unlike Parker, I haven’t yet made a habit of asking folks I do commissions for to send me scans of them for my records. Heck– it’s mostly because I always FORGET to do it in the chaos and noise of most big comics shows, so I don’t have much to show by way of convention commiissions like he does. But recently, I happened to stumble on an eBay auction that Doug Resnik was having, and it was a piece that I did for him at WIZARD WORLD PHILADELPHIA 2003, where I was sketching to raise money for A.C.T.O.R. at their booth. Doug has a massive collection of SPIDER-MAN related sketches/commissions, and he’s always combing through them and selling various pieces to help finance other, more ambitious ones. Anyway, I had really liked the way this one came out, so I emailed him and asked him to send me a scan– and he was nice enough to do so. So– here it is.

The COMICON INTERNATIONAL in San Diego starts tomorrow– so I expect that there will be very little traffic going on in the “comics cyberspace” during that time– but I’m not going to be there *choke*… (I’m probably one of only a HANDFULL of comics pros not going… I think the entire FANTASTIC FOUR creative and editorial team will be there but ME) and I’ll still be here posting sketches and blathering on for anyone who is left that actually checks this page out.

So– see you next time.


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