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More on Mike’s Memorial Service on Friday

Enough people have asked about this that it warrants a post, though every time I do this, I feel like an imposter. Please bear with me. We’re planning on getting together after the service at a pub down the block from the funeral home. I’ll withhold the name until the service, but I thought people who were planning to come should know that we have something planned. The pub is aware we’re coming. I understand some of you may have to leave or that groups may splinter off and do their own thing. That’s fine. Craig, Todd, Suzanne and I will be going to the pub. I don’t know about you, but I plan on getting blotto in Mike’s honor. (You with me, Leaf?)

Mike’s best friend Todd Dezago has posted the following on his blog and we both thought it prudent to copy it here. I think this sums up what we’re needing right now. Please take it in the spirit it’s given. We’re grieving right now and just need some time to get ourselves collected. Here’s Todd:

“…and to everyone who have so warmly and generously asked/offered/begun putting together the many tribute books and portfolios, we are moved beyond words.truthfully, the number of people wanting to do tribute books has become a bit overwhelming and, at the moment, we’re all still pretty numb about what has happened. we would love to be involved in any tribute that is being done for mike, but right now matt, suzanne, and i just can’t think in those directions.
once some of this crazy sadness is over we’ll be glad to talk more about this.
just too sad right now.”
Again, thanks for all the good thoughts and all the prayers. If you’re coming tomorrow, we’ll see you then. If you can’t make it, please keep us in your thoughts.Take care,