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Today’s sketch is a return to the world of TELLOS and the two main characters of that story and realm, KOJ and JAREK. I’ve been doing quite a few sketches of the characters from the book lately as regular visitors to this site know… and that’s for a reason. Todd and I have been hoping to have a BALTIMORE COMICON exclusive…. something… to offer this year for the show. We had been talking about having an original prose story written by Todd with spot illustrations by me– but time is growing so short and there would be so much design work to be done for the story before I could create the illos that I think that’s going to have to be shelved as an idea. My Marvel work makes that close to impossible at this point. So I’m thinking that an exclusive sketchbook that we would offer for sale at the show may be the way we have to go. With that in mind, I worked up today’s sketch of ‘the boys’. We’re also hoping to have copies of the TELLOS COLOSSAL HARDCOVER with us in Baltimore… but I’m beginning to wonder if that will even be a possibility. I’ve been checking the Diamond shipping lists, and I was assuming that the book would be shipping on the 15th since that’s the date offered for availability from AMAZON.COM… but it’s not on Diamond’s list. Perhaps the 22nd will be the date… I hope.

So… plans are still up in the air at this point.

In the mean time… I’ll keep sketching. For now, though– it’s back to work.

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