Today’s sketch is a bit rough, because it’s a sketch for a potential alternative to the HEROES CON program book possibilty I posted earlier this week. Monday I posted a SPIDER-MAN BLACK sketch that might end up being the final piece…. but I also like this SILVER SURFER sketch. I drew it almost immediately after finishing the SPIDER-MAN sketch because I was feeling loose and warmed up and thought I’d try my had at GALACTUS’s former Herald. I liked it a lot before actually studying it — but now it looks as though the SURFER’S left leg is kind of mirroring the shape of his board. That could be a bit distracting… and I don’t know whether to change it or not. How about you folks…? Does it look odd to you?

OK.. sorry to have to jump out so quickly, but work beckons…!

This is Entry 377.


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