The weather this Spring has been, to say the least, wild. Especially for those poor folks in the mid-West. Perhaps I don’t pay attention to weather history– but it certainly seems as though this year’s season of renewal has been an especially violent roller coaster ride for the poor folks out in the middle of the nation. I really feel for those people. Around here, the weather hasn’t come CLOSE to the kinds of tumult they’ve experienced, but even here, the temperature swings and powerful thunderstorms we’ve experienced have been disconcerting. Warm Spring temperatures hit here before Winter was even finished, and everything came into bloom early. Then we were hit with cold temperatures and a hard frost that killed many of the early crops like Strawberries that farmers grow in this area. I have two young trees in the front yard (I wish I knew what kind they are…. I’m woefully ignorant of the flora around here) whose tender new leaves were killed by the frost, and they just look brown and ugly now.

It seems like we’ve finally moved into a steady temperature period now… very, very warm and frustratingly humid. North Carolina at its ‘best’. It’s all relative, though… again, I can’t imagine having to deal with the volatility of the weather of the middle of the country. I’m sure the people of Greensburg, Kansas would think I’m a spoiled punk for complaining about anything having to do with the weather here.

OK.. I gotta get to work. Have a great weekend, all.

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