Warren Ellis continues his REMAKE/REMODEL subject threads over on his forum this week. The character he offers up for reinterpretation this time is BUCK ROGERS– who, as I found out in Warrens description of the character, was actually created BEFORE FLASH GORDON. I learn something new every day– even if most of it is useless fanboy trivia. Warren always provides origin excerpts and descriptions of the characters he chooses from as many source materials as he can find to help the artists for each thread… but what got me for this one was this personal aside/thought about this particular subject:

” I have a fondness for what people call the “paleo-future” or retro-future/retropunk aesthetics. I don’t want to colour your remake too much — but consider a scientifiction romance of the 25th century where there are no computers.”

For some reason, those words helped to evoke something in my mind, and I came up with the sketch that I’m posting today.

OK… gotta keep it brief today. Have a great one.

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