Over at DRAWINGBOARD.ORG they have a jam thread that’s entitled OH CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN which deals with… well, as the title suggests, characters with the word “CAPTAIN” in their name or title. It seemed like as good an opportunity as any to draw the characters from one of my brother’s favorite childhood comics, CAPTAIN CARROT. DC jokes about bringing the character back from time to time– which in this atmosphere of darkness and death at the company is pretty much a long shot…. but it certainly would make Matt’s year if they did.

When Matt and I were kids, there were a lot of great comics aimed at a young audience being published. In addition to CAPTAIN CARROT, Matt and I shared an affinity for the HARVEY characters like HOT STUFF, RICHIE RICH and CASPER. Matt loved them more than me… but I dug ’em pretty hard. What were some of your favorite kid’s comic or comics from your youth…?

OK… lots to do, so I’m gonna keep it brief.

This is Entry 345.


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