Over on my forum (that’s right…. don’t forget I also have a message board if any of you’d like to communicate/chat about stuff other than this blog) someone suggested I draw a sketch LINK and/or any other characters or settings from the wonderful LEGEND OF ZELDA video game series. I was grasping for ideas this morning, so I thought I’d go ahead and draw LINK, even though I usually don’t take on suggestions very often for sketch ideas. I’ve always wanted to own a newer generation NINTENDO system– mainly to get some of the updated ZELDA games. I used to play ZELDA all the time when I was in college… it was very addicting. I also thought that for the sketch today, I do it all in blue line… I like just drawing with the Sanford COL-ERASE blue pencils… they’re kind of waxy (but not TOO waxy) and it makes it fun to do shading and rendering with that slightly waxy feel.

OK… that’s it for today. I’ve gotta keep it brief.

Have a great day.

This is Entry 317.


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