LOST Friday 2-fer…


In honor of this past weekend’s episode of LOST, I decided to leave you this week with a sketch of LOCKE. This guy– played by the actor Terry O’Quinn– was the most fun to draw of all the characters so far. O’Quinn’s got such an interesting face that it’s impossible not to enjoy sketching him. And as he plays the LOCKE character, he’s got an underlying madness and desperation in his eyes that’s very compelling. And as a bonus sketch– because I’ve got to keep the text so brief this time– I’m also including everyone’s favorite anti-social bad boy from the island, SAWYER. When I’m doing these sketches, I usually pull up as many GOOGLE searched jpegs of the characters as I can fit on my computer desktop, and study them and try to extrapolate a shot from the lot. With the guy who plays SAWYER, I just couldn’t get a handle on it, and in frustration, I tried to just draw him from memory. Oddly enough, I got a better result by doing that than by trying to look at his pictures.


OK, all… that’s it for another week. Have a great weekend.

This is Entry 292.


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