I’ve been reading comics for such a long time now– about 32 years– that while I don’t outright forget some of the wonderful periods of ‘4-color’ excitement I’ve witnessed over the years…. I can tend to overlook them at times. When I posted my R.I.P. to BOOSTER GOLD on Monday, I called him an unnecessary character… and that rubbed a couple people the wrong way. I was reminded of the wonderful so-called ‘BWAHAHA’ period of the JUSTICE LEAGUE written by Giffen and DeMatteis and beautifully drawn by Kevin Maguire and then Adam Hughes. Those were wonderful times for that comic… at a time when DARK KNIGHT and WATCHMEN had inspired comics to follow in their dark path as far as tone… JUSTICE LEAGUE was a breath of fresh air with it’s terrific mix of humor and high action. It’s important to remember that though the book has the reputation as a ‘funny’ book… and it was…. there was also some real peril to the LEAGUE involved. I remember their confrontation with DESPERO that was absolutely horrifying. I also remember that Adam Hughes really came into his own as one of the premiere artists in comics on the book. As great as Kevin Maguire’s work was on the book… and it was spectacular… there was something magical about the combination of the kind of stories that Giffen and DeMatteis were writing in concert with Adam’s artwork. I still consider it one of the highest creative points of superhero comics.

BOOSTER GOLD’S and BLUE BEETLE’S friendship was also a very special part of that book. Their interactions and buddy-relationship instantly connected with so many fans– and the calls for a ‘BLUE AND GOLD’ ongoing series for the two of them began almost immediately. I don’t know why it never happened… but I think it came close to becoming a reality a time or two. Who knows…. maybe too much of a good thing would have been a bad idea and it’s better that it never came to pass. We’ll never know… but remembering those JLA days now– I have to retract my Monday statement. BOOSTER was absolutely not an unnecessary character.

So for BOOSTER and BEETLE, I dedicate today’s sketch.

This is Entry 270.


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