Alas, poor BOOSTER– we knew ye well….


The carnage continues, it seems, over at DC, with the death of BOOSTER GOLD in the latest issue of 52. I’m beginning to think that ‘DC’ should start standing for ‘DEATH COMICS’. That’s a little harsh, I know. Both DC and Marvel make a regular habit of killing characters these days– and for all I know, there will be a new person stepping in to become a new BOOSTER and launch a new series, like they’ve done with BLUE BEETLE. Hmmm…. there’s someone high up at DC who’s got something against the color blue, maybe…?

I have a small piece of history with BOOSTER GOLD myself. Back in — I think– 1994, Brian Augustyn– then editor of FLASH, JUSTICE LEAGUE and more at DC– asked me to come up with a new design for BOOSTER’S costume. He wanted something more mech-like…. something more high-tech. What I came up with was eventually voted (if memory serves me well) as one of the 10 WORST COSTUMES EVER DESIGNED by the editors of WIZARD MAGAZINE…. and rightly so.

I suppose that long awaited BLUE AND GOLD series starring BLUE BEETLE and BOOSTER GOLD in a ‘buddy film’ type comic will never happen now. Rest In Peace, BOOSTER. You were a fun, if rather unnecessary character.

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