I do occasionally take suggestions for what I’m going to post next here. For the most part, I like to leave it to whatever hits me that particular morning rather than following requests from others. Several folks made mention of HARRY POTTER in the comments section of Friday’s post– and I guess that got my juices flowing. I wouldn’t call myself the biggest HARRY POTTER fan out there– but I do love fantasy and magic as a genre, and so good old Harry appeals to me quite a bit. I’ve read the first book and seen the movies made from the others so far and have really enjoyed them. So for today, I thought I’d do a quick sketch of the kid. It was fun. One day, I’m going to go back and read all the books that I’ve only seen the movies they’ve made of. As fun as it is to see a great book made into a good movie, it’s never as enjoyable as reading the original source material and letting the imagination conjure up images for you.

And imagination’s what it’s supposed to be about, right…?

This is Entry 262.


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