So here’s the third version of the sketch for this particular project– and I think I’ve hit on one that I like very much. I took elements of both the previous two attempts and combined them to come up with this take. This one has some of the same depth of the first one, working in elements like the flying ships, mooring towers and even a view of the sea. It also incorporates a bit of the attitude from both the first two– but is more compositionally interesting.

But– to borrow from the end-line of Erik Larsen’s weekly column– that’s one fan’s opinion. I’m willing to concede I could be wrong. Erik’s got a very interesting column this week on lying in the comic book industry. You can find it HERE. See if you can figure out who he’s talking about. I think I have. One’s very obvious– the other will only be clear to those of you who, like me, lurk on WAY too many comic book-related message boards.

OK… that’s it for today– another week down. They seem to fly by faster and faster these days.

This is Entry 261.


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