TELLOS related…


This is a sketch/idea for something TELLOS related on the horizon. Let me say right up front that it’s not a new mini series (yet). I’ve been debating with myself about giving out ‘teases’ for something that’s months from happening and might be
misinterpreted as a new TELLOS story. Todd and I ARE talking out a new TELLOS tale. We’re also talking about the format– it could be a mini, or it could be an original graphic novel (OGN). But that will be something for the future– although hopefully not TOO far in the future. This sketch is for something else entirely– and it might not end up being used for that project. It’s just a first sketch.

I’ll leave it to anyone who cares to speculate as to what it might be. I’m sure there will be an announcement about it in the next few months. Keep watching this space for details……

OK… enough babbling/teasing.

This is Entry 259.


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