The portfolio piece that WASN’T

This is the first sketch I did for the piece that I did for the HEROES CON portfolio. Initially, I wanted to do this BLACK CAT piece with the uplit cityscape in the background. I was hoping to have something sexy and dramatic to offer for the portfolio. The problem was, when I started tracing the layout up, although I thought it looked fine in the initial sketch– the pre-ink pencils looked awful. BC’s back looked positively broken. I just couldn’t make the front of her body match up with the back part. It looked like the two parts of her body were cut in half and reattached in the wrong position.

Funny thing is, some times I look at this sketch and it looks fine. Some times, it looks completely wrong. Whatever the case– I ended up doing the FANTASTIC FOUR piece that ultimately ended up as the final portfolio illustration.

Have a great weekend, all.

This is Entry 258.


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