My buddy Jamar Nicholas has been creating a web comic called DETECTIVE BOOGALOO for several years. For most of that time, it was hosted on Kevin Smith’s MOVIEPOOPSHOOT site. Recently, Jamar decided to take control of his own destiny and launch the strip over on its own site that you can find HERE. BOOGALOO is a hip-hop styled strip about two brothers who find themselves on opposite sides of the law. James Lee Boogaloo wakes from an 11-year coma to find he has the powers of elasticity he received from a piece of radioactive cardboard while breakdancing. His brother, who goes by the name ICE TRE, finds his own piece of that magical cardboard after witnessing what happens to James Lee, and ends up with the powers to manipulate cold. TRE decides to use his powers for personal gain and ill-intent– while BOOGALOO makes it his mission to stop his little brother and becomes a police detective in their home of BLING CITY.

Jamar is one of the funniest, smartest and nicest people I have the great pleasure of knowing. We spend long sessions on the phone laughing and joking about anything and everything…. and I love every minute of it. DETECTIVE BOOGALOO is infused with Jamar’s humor and wit… and it’s a fascinating strip. His artwork reflects those same sensibilities. It’s wonderfully expressive, personal and yet highly accessible. His art is entirely charming but also has an edge that fits perfectly for the strip. DETECTIVE BOOGALOO is hip-hop mixed with super powers and police drama infused with lots of humor– and it’s not like anything else out there in the ‘web strip nation’. It deserves your support.


Have a great weekend.

This is Entry 250 (ANOTHER MILESTONE!!! Confetti and noisemaker time….!)


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