As it turns out, thanks — in large part– to the blatant threat by the WIZARDWORLD shows to try to go head-to-head with Shelton Drum’s show this time around, this year’s HEROES CON was a massive hit. Like most bullies, WIZWORLD backed down when faced with an uproar of support for HEROES this past year in response to their intentions. It seems, though, that they are going to try it again. I guess some times a bully needs to be punched in the nose more than once to get the message. From what I’ve heard, this past WIZARDWORLD in Phllly was a bland, ill-attended affair, so maybe IF they go ahead with this date, HEROES will once again get the massive support and attendance they enjoyed this past show, and it’ll put the stake into the heart of Gareb Shamus’s attempts to drain off the energy from Shelton’s con.

I was expecting this year’s HEROES to be big, but I was amazed by the sheer number of folks lined up waiting to get in each morning of the con. I’m very curious to see what the final attendance totals will be, but I’m betting that it will triple that of any of the recent years numbers. It was truly gratifying to see so many fans and enthusiasts gathering for what is, at heart, a comic book show and nothing else. No video games, no animation, no throng of ‘media guests’ (except for Rosario Dawson this time around– but she was there to promote her comic book OCCULT CRIMES TASKFORCE)– just COMICS. I can’t give you many highlights from my own experiences at the show, because I very rarely left my table the entire time…. only to use the ‘facilities’. I was busy the entire con sketching, selling sketchbooks and prints and signing for folks who came by the table. I took my camera (as I mentioned in a previous post I would do)– but the only picture I took the entire weekend was here in my house of a very tired (but nonetheless excited about going to the show) Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau who flew in on Thursday for the ride down to Charlotte.

That’s it– my only photo from the entire weekend. I know– I suck.

Shelton reserved an entire theatre in a local multiplex to screen the SUPERMAN RETURNS movie for all the pros already there who wanted to see it. Watching the movie was…. a moving experience…. for me. I’ve heard many people criticize either perceived plot holes or wooden acting as regards the film– and as for the plot points, I suppose I can see their point. But the heart behind the film…. the reverence for the source material (both the comic book and original Christopher Reeve films) was evident from the first frame. I was overwhelmed with emotion at Bryan Singer’s ability to portray the wonder, power and majesty that infuses the core of what the Man of Steel is all about. I’ve heard about how so many people found the original STAR WARS film to be an inspiring and revelatory experience…. and that’s how I felt about SUPERMAN RETURNS. I’m 43 years old… but during that 2 hours, I was a 12 year old kid again. I really DID believe a man could fly. Sure, the movie’s not LAWRENCE OF ARABIA or REDS or DR. SHIVAGO in terms of story and depth… but as a film that can spark the imagination and make one believe that almost anything is possible creatively…. it’s a film that is entirely inspirational. For me, at least… that’s what I took away from it.

And so another HEROES CON goes into the history books and memory banks. I had a fantastic time hanging out with my great buds Todd and Craig. And the three of us met up with my brother and sister-in-law for dinner Friday night at a great restaurant in downtown Charlotte. I also got to meet Rosario Dawson right before the annual HEROES art auction (which, by all accounts, was a HUGE success), who seemed like a very sweet, enthusiastic and down-to-earth person. So the show had everything for me– great friends, loving family, great food, friendly and enthusiastic comic book fans– and meeting a very nice and very famous person. I hope that Shelton can keep the momentum rolling into NEXT year’s show.

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