Just a quick in-and-out today….. with a gorilla version of GREEN LANTERN to take you into the weekend.

I would like to, however, draw your attention to an article/interview with INVINCIIBLE artist Ryan Ottley over at COMIC BOOK RESOURCES. It’s great to get a bit of insight into the mind and working process of such an amazingly talented young artist. As I said in my introduction in the 5th INVINCIBLE trade, I was disappointed when I learned that original artist Cory Walker was going to be leaving that title… but Ryan quickly made the book his own… and every issue, he brings more and more to the table. He’s fast becoming one of my favorite new artists and his work deserves as much attention as possible. So if you’re not familiar with either INVINCIBLE or Ryan’s work on that book, so check the article out.

Have a great weekend, folks.

This is Entry 238.


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