Just a quick one today….. I felt like drawing some TELLOS characters. And I hadn’t drawn HAWKE or RIKK in quite a while, so I thought I’d revisit that nutty duo again after so long. I think that of the 10 full issue and ‘Prologue’ and ‘Prelude’ issues of TELLOS that Todd and I did, issue #4–which introduced these two guys– is my favorite. I remember talking with Todd about his ideas for the story, and the breakneck ride down the water system of the floating city of LUFTHOLDE– and feeling a little less than enthusiastic about having to draw it. It was going to be very difficult to pull off… and I wasn’t really looking forward to it. But when I sat down and actually started to draw the scene, it was an absolute blast. I fell in love with these two characters immediately, and TELLOS #4 was a real thrill to draw from cover to cover.

Of course, I love all the TELLOS characters…. but the kinetic nature of issue 4 was probably the most fun I had during the whole series.

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