A couple of weeks ago, I posted links to a few blogs that I love checking out on a regular basis. I’ve got another one to tell you about today– featuring a spanish artist named Yacin Mandragon. Yacin’s work is magnificent– there’s so much charm and such a lyrical quality to his drawing and use of color. On his blog, he presents illustrations that deal with a little magical faun– set, I believe, during the medieval era– because he sometimes interacts with the wizard Merlin. These pieces are absolutely wonderful– but if you click through to his profile, and then follow the link to his main website, there’s enough amazing stuff there to keep you busy for an entire afternoon. Yacin’s drawing seems to have a slight japanese influence in his approach as well as his choice of subject matter. There’s an innocence and sense of wonder in his drawings that remind me of Miyazaki quite a bit. His work is infused with light– and looking at Yacin’s pieces, I feel swept away– back to a time of childhood where anything and everything seemed possible and adventure and the unknown was just around the next corner. Yacin also has an amazing array of links to the right of his blog that will keep you busy and fascinated for…. well, for as long as you want them to. The variety and talent of those linked artists is stunning. This, to me, is the best thing about the web… the discovery of so many talented folks who’s work I might otherwise never see.

So go– get lost in imagination.

This is Entry 219.


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