I’m going to have to make it quick today– I’ve got so much to do. However, I don’t want to go before dropping a couple of links on you that you’ve just GOT to check out (unless you’re already up on the news/images). In the past, I’ve gushed about how wonderful I think the FLIGHT anthologies (two volumes out so far) are. Guided/edited by the uber-talented Kazu Kibuishi (check out his link in the sidebar), these books are an amazing display of imagination and creativity. These books are filled with visual delights that I’ve thrilled to for hours upon hours. One of the most amazing things about the talented folks in FLIGHT is that they are, for the most part, web cartoonists. They’ve spent their ‘creative formative years’ plying their talents doing web strips and web illustrations. Not constrained by commercial trends and demands, they’ve developed their art and stories with the boundless freedom that web and self publishing offers. And the results are really stunning.

COMICBOOKRESOURCES.COM has a couple of fantastic articles on the FLIGHT Vol. 3 book to be released this June. The first, you can find here. There’s preview pages from 4 stories there– one by Kazu himself. But the thing that really blew my mind, was the more recent article that give us a look at 13 MORE stories from the anthology. It’s almost overwhelming in it’s visual goodness…! So if you’ve never heard of FLIGHT, or you’ve not seen the preview art from the forthcoming Volume 3– take some time out of your busy day and overdose on some amazing artwork. You’ll be glad you did. And ask your local retailer to order a copy of FLIGHT 3 for you!

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