Wednesday quickie


I’ve got a lot to do– so I’ll have to leave you with a quick post today. This is a sketch I worked up recently for an idea I’ve been playing with about a futuristic team of teenaged heroes. Kind of a LEGION OF SUPERHEROES riff….. but with lots of odd twists and differences. Like most of the ideas I come up with, I’ll probably never get around to doing anything with it…. but it’s fun to play with these ideas once in a while– to at least do the occasional sketch of the character/s. It’s a sad reality that I don’t have either the time nor the energy to produce all the different comic book ideas/stories I have rattling around in my head. Maybe one day I’ll try to work up some sort of anthology book of all the concepts I’ve been brewing over the years. Sort of a MIKE WIERINGO PRESENTS kind of thing. That way I could at least have a short story that features each of the characters and concepts I’d like to play with.

Hmmmmm…. the more I think about that idea, the more I like it……

This is Entry 207.


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