Sick AGAIN…!


Sorry for not posting yesterday. It seems that I picked up another bug while down in Florida for MEGACON. This whole past weekend I felt terrible…. but yesterday was the absolute worst. I didn’t feel so bad before lunch– but by early afternoon, I had to go back to bed, I felt so awful. It’s the body aches that are the worst. I can deal with the other symptoms… but the body aches just make it impossible to sit at the drawing table and work. And these two bugs that have hit me over the past month have held on far longer than I’m used to. I guess my immune system was already weakened from my last cold/flu (whichever it was) when I left for Florida. It’s getting annoying to be sick so much this late Winter.

Feeling a bit better today. So I’m hoping to get back to work this afternoon.

This is Entry 202.


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