I’m not sure if I’ve already posted this sketch before or not. I don’t think so. I posted something similar a month or so back… but not this one. I’m finally starting to feel human again after one of the longest bouts with a virus I’ve had in many years. I think that’s because it was more of an intestinal nature. I began to feel pain and nausea in my abdomen before the full symptoms hit– and then LOOK OUT…! It was days and days of hell. My only remaining problem –besides the residual weakness from not being able to eat for days– was something that demanded that I go out last night and by some MAALOX. I’ll simply leave it at that and spare you the details. I haven’t been able to work out since the virus took hold… but it’s turned out to be a pretty effective way to lose weight just the same. I’ve been unable, over the past year, to rid myself of some stubborn fat that refuses to let go (although I have to confess to not trying to awfully hard to curb my eating– what can I say… it’s my only vice)– but the flu bug turned out to be just the ticket. I think I’ve lost close to 10 pounds in the last (almost) week. I can see a marked difference in even my face. It turns out that a flu bug is a great counter-agent to the slowing of the metabolism as one gets older. It certainly wouldn’t have been my chosen method for losing extra pounds– but since I didn’t have much choice, I’ll take it.

Now– if I can manage to keep from returning to my over-eating ways, maybe I can keep that weight off.

This is Entry 196.


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