ROBIN regrets


Once in a while, I’ll look back on my work on the various titles I’ve drawn in my career as a comic book penciler. There are some titles that I worked on that I don’t feel I was ready to tackle at the time I was contracted to illustrate them. I think ROBIN is one of those books. At that point, I was very interested in drawing more ‘cosmic’ superhero action, and a more grounded, urban style book like ROBIN wasn’t something I was all that satisfied with. I won’t say that I didn’t put my best effort into the book, because I always do the very best I can on anything I happen to be working on. But not only was my heart not 100% into the project, but I don’t think that my drawing skills were up to the challenge either. And so ROBIN is one of those books that I look back on and wish that I could have another crack at now– at a time when I feel my work has progressed to the point where I could do that character justice. Chuck Dixon’s scripts were always great– and he kept the action moving forward at all times. Even in the ‘quieter’ scenes, there was always something interesting to draw. They say you can’t go home again (and on some things, ‘they’re’ absolutely right)– but this is one case where I’d like to see what it would be like to have the same team together now on ROBIN.

If only for just one issue.

One recent artist on the ROBIN title who’s work I think is absolutely amazing is Damion Scott. He didn’t have a particularly long run as artist on the book (much like myself– I only did 9 issues)– but his issues were just amazing. He’s got a very unique style. When I first noticed his work, I think he was working on BATGIRL at DC. At that time, he seemed — to my eyes, anyway– to have a Joe Quesada influence to his stuff. But as time went on, it morphed into something much more idiosyncratic. Some people don’t like what he does– many love it. You can mark me in the ‘love’ camp. Unfortunately, Scott doesn’t seem to have a web presence. I would love to drop him a line and tell him how much I enjoy his stuff.

That’s it for today.

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