Many years back, well before I ever would have even IMAGINED that I’d ever get the opportunity to work on the ACTUAL FANTASTIC FOUR monthly comic, I worked on a short FF story for a comic book produced by Marvel for their UNIVERSAL ISLANDS OF ADVENTURE park in Florida. The script was initially written around a science fair held in Central Park in New York City. If I remember correctly, the participants of the fair came under the mind control of DOCTOR DOOM, and were used to attack the FF. After I’d penciled all the pages and Richard Case (former studio mate) inked them, the editors of the comic decided that the story needed to be modified to make it more DOOM-centric. And so I was asked to redraw the original first 4 pages with a re-written beginning. I don’t know how many folks have ever seen the published comic book, but I thought it would be fun to post the original 4 pages of layouts here over the next couple of posts. So here are the layouts for pages 1 and 2. I’ll post pages 3 and 4 in the next post (probably Friday).

This is Entry 169.


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