Here’s the pencils for the NEXT variant/second printing cover to be released for the SPIDER-MAN: THE OTHER crossover event. This time it’s for MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN #20, which has sold out from Marvel. This time it’s THE SCARLET SPIDER who’s swinging down on you, web shooter blazing. I think that this is the most fun and interesting part of the whole event… the fact that they keep having these second printing covers done from my original cover. The piece that ended up as the second printing of FRIENDLY #1 was to ORIGINALLY be the regular cover to that first issue. But during the planning stage, Marvel decided that they wanted a unifying cover trade dress. That required creating another cover. I didn’t think that my original piece would get used any time soon…. but then the comics started to sell out from the distributor, and thus this fun second-print variant cover thing began. One of the things about that tickles me most about this is how much fun the assistant editors dealing with the SPIDER-MAN books seem to be having with it. They all have their favorite odd version/variation of SPIDER-MAN from his long history and they hope it keeps going long enough to get to the one they fancy.

It just might……. we’ll just have to wait and see.

This is Entry 163.


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