Yesterday MARVEL released their solicitation listings and cover images for books shipping in the month of February. So I nicked the cover image for issue #5 of FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN from COMICBOOKRESOURCES.COM to show you here. CBR’s parent company hosts my web site, so I’m hoping they don’t mind. The story for FRNDSM 5 is a very interesting one. It reminds me in some ways of the vibe I got from reading that now-classic story called ‘THE BOY WHO COLLECTED SPIDER-MAN’. I’ll be very interested to see what the fan reaction is to it when it ships. At the least, it’s a great stand-alone tale that will make for a nice transition from the heavy and dark tones of ‘THE OTHER’ crossover.

On the TV front– ABC has announced that they’re cancelling THE NIGHT STALKER and not airing 3 episodes that they already had ‘in the can’. While the show was never something I absolutely LOVED– it did give me something to watch between JOEY and WILL AND GRACE and ER during the 9 O’clock hour. I can’t stand THE APPRENTICE (mainly because I don’t watch reality TV and I REALLY don’t like Donald Trump). I don’t really know why I still watch JOEY, W&G or ER anymore anyway, since they all have been stagnant shows for a long time…. but I guess it’s out of habit. But then– MOST TV is like that. I love LOST and INVASION these days… but that’s about it as far as good TV shows go. Exept for HBO– but that’s a story for another time.

OK…. just a quicky today….. too much to do.

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