Just a couple of sketches


There’s an article over on NEWSARAMA about Dan Slott’s new THING series debuting next month. Besides the fact that Dan Slott is a great writer and THE THING is one of my favorite characters, the most interesting thing to me about the article are the jpegs they have from one of the issues coming out. It’s got Ben Grimm teaming up with GOLIATH (formerly known as BLACK GOLIATH). And he’s wearing the costume I designed. Since the preview pages are out there, I thought it would be OK to show the design I did here. GOLIATH is also going to be in the second issue of FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN, which is why I asked to redesign his look. I just didn’t like his previous design– and Marvel was generous enough to allow me to update his look.


And just for funzies, I thought I’d toss out this sketch I did as a warm up the other day. I used to be a HUGE X-MEN fan when I was younger. I first started buying UNCANNY X-MEN with issue #104 way back in ‘the day’….. but in subsequent years, the realm of the ‘mutant misfits’ just got way too complicated and crowded and convoluted, and so I lost interest. But I still love the really old stuff as well– and used to seek out reprints back when I was a kid– and now there’s the ESSENTIALS to make me a very happy man. So… here ya go.

OK… that’s it for now.

This is Entry 155.


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