Today’s sketch is another warm-up/sales piece that I’ll be turning into an inked and grey toned sketch to sell at a show to try to save myself the ‘commission blues’ I usually experience at cons. I just happened to sketch it a bit tighter than I have some of the others I’ve been doing, so I thought it would be good to post it here.

Fabio Moon has been doing a wonderful series of shorts on the blog he shares with his (also) artist Gabriel Ba.. They’re done in stick-figure form…. but Fabio’s sense of storytelling is so strong and his drawing abilities so fantastic that they have more life and meaning than 75% of the comics being published today. He’s been pouring his thoughts about the struggles of creating comics into these wonderful short stories. Storytelling is such a complicated and at times frustrating process…. the artist or artist/writer is responsible for so much that goes into the creation of a comic page….. and ultimately a story. To bring everything — characters, settings, lighting, mood and so much more– together into one coherent tale can be daunting…. intimidating. But those us who love to do this for a living (and would be doing it even if we DIDN’T get paid for it) relish the struggle. As the old saying goes– it’s not the destination, but the JOURNEY that’s the thing. And Fabio and his brother Gabriel are two people who’s journey is a wonder to watch. Fabio’s latest work is on the OGN SMOKE AND GUNS with Kirsten Galdock, published by AIT/PLANET LAR. Do yourself a favor and ask for it at your local comic shop.

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