It’s amazing how fast time seems to slip past me these days. Everyone my age I speak to says the same thing… the older you get, the faster time whizzes by. So I realized late last night that it was coming up on almost a WEEK since my last blog post. Sorry about that. Last time, in my post about the BALTIMORE COMICON, I was writing about doing sketches before the show so that I wouldn’t have to sketch during the con, and thus save some wear and tear on my poor deteriorating back. The sketch above is one of several I’ve done since I returned from Baltimore. It’s a bit rougher than the ones I usually post, but that’s because I’m planning on tracing it onto art board, inking it and adding grey tones to make it a more complete piece of art. My plan is to try to get at least one or two done each week before my next big show. Considering I’m not going to any more of the larger shows until next year, I should be able to have quite a few ready by the time my next trip.

Here’s the cover image for issue 3 of FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN. I thought that since the solicitations for Marvel’s December publications were recently released, it would be OK to post a copy of it here for you to see…… at least, those of you who might not have ALREADY seen it.

This is post 148.


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