We are probably going to break a record with the temperature here today. It’s forcast to be 100 degrees– and I’m sure it’ll hit that if not higher. I just checked the outside temp guage on my heating/cooling unit thermostat, and the reading was 106. Now, I’m sure that’s with the humidity and the sun beating directly on the exterior sensor, but that’s just what it would feel like to be outside at this time, I’m sure. I was out running errands yesterday for a few hours– and every time I had to leave the air conditioned sanctuary of my car, it would get a bit difficult to breath. I never knew what the weather forcasters meant by staying indoors when the ‘heat index’ would reach danger levels– especially for old folks and very young children as well as folks with asthma. But I got a little bit of understanding yesterday. The humidity is so high my breathing was a bit labored…. and I’m in pretty good shape. I can’t imagine what it must be like for those folks in the more vulnerable catagories. I’m just very, very grateful that my heat pump is keeping it a wonderful 77 degrees in the house. As much trouble as I’ve had with it over the years, I was terribly afraid that it would choose this time as a perfect opportunity to punk out on me…… but fortunately, it’s holding strong so far.

I hope everyone out there in the path of this temperature beat-down is keeping cool and safe. It’s a perfect day for staying indoors and drawing or reading comics…!

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