By POPULAR DEMAND (well, OK…. only about 3 people, but what’cha gonna do….) I present here an epic clash between titans…. or, in reality, the scum bag known as SHOOTING STAR doing a cowardly sneak attack from behind on QUASAR. As my brother Matt mentioned in the comments section of the last post– SHOOTING STAR was an alien scientist’s assistant who was used as a test subject for a machine that would give a person cosmic light powers. The scientist has second thoughts about the maching, and sends it into outer space hidden inside a meteor. SHOOTING STAR kills the scientist and takes off after the meteor to recover the machine– and follows it to earth, where he arrives too late and witnesses the device crash to earth, bathing Jeffrey Daniels in it’s energy, transforming him into QUASAR. In a rage, he attacks QUASAR– but in true comic book form, gets his butt handed to him. Today’s post is gonna be a quick one– I’m not feeling all that well. My allergies have been getting steadily worse each year as I get older, and this Spring, they’re really getting me down. Perhaps it’s time to go to the store and get some over-the-counter Claratin or something.



The next post will be longer, I promise.

Take care, all…..


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