Quake in fear at….. THE BLUE DANGER…?!!??

I decided to go ahead and work up a sketch based on that mystery bad guy from the other side of he BUZZ SAW sketch from my ‘kiddie-hood’. I got a few chuckles from the name THE BLUE DANGER, and so I thought I’d dive right into it. Again, like BUZZ SAW, I don’t know why I actually decided coming up with this guy was a good idea. I don’t even know who he could have been based on…. HATE MONGER, maybe….? This guy looks like someone with a really bad Halloween costume who decided to turn to a life of crime. If my mommie made me wear white tights with a loose blue dress cinched at the waist with a belt, I might turn to the Dark Side too. Anyway– here’s the old sketch followed by the modern version to carry us all into the weekend.



OK– I hope you all have a great weekend.


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